How Much Does a Roof Cost?

How Much Does a Roof Cost?

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingles are the least expensive and most common style of shingle installed in this region. All but the cheapest of shingles carry a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Factors that increase the cost are the existing type of roof and the number of layers, the pitch (steepness) of your roof and the type of shingle chosen.
An average home in our area costs between $8,000 – $8,500.

Cedar Shake Shingles

Cedar shake shingles are more expensive and less common in our area. The main factor that increases the cost of this style roof  is the installation time required.
An average home in our area costs between $30,000 – $35,000.


A slate roof is the most expensive and least common style we install. The material itself is extremely expensive and requires specialized flashing and installation techniques.
An average home in our area costs between $35,000 – $42,000.

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The Red Well Simple Roof Comparison Guide

The best way to walk you through the process of selecting which roof is best for you is to share with you the same questions we ask when we meet with our customers.


Arch. Shingles

Slate Roof

Cedar Wood

Luxury Designer Shingles

Appearance: What fits in best

Your preference

Your preference

Your preference

Your preference





very good

Weight of Material





Maintenance Required






least expensive

most expensive



Average Price Per 100sq/ft

$350 – $400

$1,000 – $1,200

$900 – $1,000

$450 – $600

*** 1st place ranking is best in each category ***

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Regional Concerns with Asphalt Roofing

It is important that the shingles used for your project are manufactured for our climate. Delaware and Pennsylvania are subject to both extreme high and low temperatures. Because of this, most manufacturers design shingles specifically for the Mid-Atlantic region. There are less expensive alternatives available, and although they are not recommended, some roofers still decide to use them.

The use of Ice & Water Shield on any vulnerable area of your roof is vital. Our climate usually experiences many freeze / thaw cycles every winter. These cycles may cause ice damns not only along your eaves, but around any penetration on your roof. As snow melts, the water runs down your roof, and either because of cold area on the roof or just a drop in temperature, the water re-freezes. When water freezes, it expands and pushes up underneath the shingles. If Ice & Water shield is not installed in these areas, no matter how good of a shingle you have installed, you will experience leaks.

What To Expect From Us

Thank you for considering Red Well Construction for your roof project. Because we do not employ a rotating army of commissioned sales people, we realize that we may not be able to meet as quickly as other companies. Dave or I will meet with you to discuss your project. Between the three of us, there aren’t many remodeling situations we haven’t already encountered. Our experience helps to eliminate many of the “unknowns” that often get ignored or overlooked until a project begins and you have no choice but to pay more money than you planned.  Also, we will never pressure you or offer ludicrous coupons and discounts in order to get you to sign up “today”.

We began working in the construction industry almost 20 years ago and have had the privilege of learning from this region’s best craftsmen… professionals who took pride in their work and truly cared for their customers. We were blessed to work with men and women that shared impeccable standards, integrity and the drive to do the job the right way every single time. They helped instill in us a strong work ethic and a set of core values that will never, ever change.

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